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Everyone loves videos. And in these days of 140 characters or less, video is often the only way to get your message out without losing the attention of your target. Just like an action-packed trailer for the new Hollywood blockbuster, a video segment announcing your news can build excitement and ultimately drive traffic to your business.

Consider it an opportunity to grab the attention of your audience as well as to highlight improvements and updates that may be overlooked by the casual visitor. A powerful blend of information and entertainment, a video announcement generates a greater degree of curiosity than just another print ad for your business. Pleasing aesthetics, dynamic movement, and intriguing music all play an important role in inspiring a viewer to watch the entire message. Oftentimes, business owners fail to realize the tremendous opportunity to market their company in video.

In addition, video enhances the image of your brand. Incorporating an updated [or completely redesigned] logo can also significantly increase the importance of the announcement. Similarly, timing a release date to coincide with a milestone [such as new management or location] can also impact success.

Perhaps my best advice is to be brief. Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram have shortened the effective attention span to under a minute. A well-designed video announcement can help overcome those limitations and put your message front and center.

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